Steps to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error B200

Printers have become a mandatory requirement that is owned by every organization and even at homes. Every individual need that its device works fastly and helps him to complete his work within very less time. Canon printers make possible for the individuals to decrease their workload by its scanning, quality printing, and high speed. It is an electronic device and it is very clear to have an issue or error with it.

Many of the individuals have asked us about how to fix the Canon Printer Error B200; therefore today we have come up with the resolution to your issue. Error B200 persists when the print head voltage is not normal. The Print head could be flawed, and so try some of the solutions to Resolve Canon Printer Error B200

Solutions to Resolve Canon Printer Error B200

Solution 1

  • Detach the power cable from the printer.
  • Wait for 1 hour
  • Attach the power cable

Solution 2

  • Clean Head the contact pin state of the
    carriage unit
  • Ensure that the Cable connection is proper especially
    for the carriage FFC

Solution 3

  • Switch off the power
  • Open the panel and Switch on the power
  • Wait for print carriage to move left
  • Let it go past half-way before the print
    carriage reach to the left hand side and shut the cover.
  • Leave Printer switch on

Solution 4

  • Unplug the power-cable and Go to the printer.
  • While the printer open, plug the power-cable and
    switch it on.
  • When the print head moves, close the
  • Wait till the time it boots up. 

Solution 5

  • Obtain all ink cartridges and Lift the grey
    bar by where the ink goes
  • Left the print head in the middle of the
    printer while the printer was off.

Solution 6

Clean all plastic head cleaners themselves on
the printer (the far right) 

Solution 7

Clean the print head and then replace it

Solution 8

Replace the power supply unit and the logic

further query, Contact us at Canon Printer Support

If by following all the steps the issue occurs, Feel free to contact us at Canon Printer Support number at any time. We are having a team of highly skilled professionals who are always there for the help of the users.

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